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Mila Ovens have been successfully manufacturing and delivering highly insulated wood fire ovens to our customers in the UK and Europe since 2009.

Operating out of our Midlands office and manufacturing plant, our family business now works with the leading online distributors of garden products in the business.

Our highly insulated ovens are made with highest level refractory materials, so we provide our customers with the ability to heat quicker, cook for longer, and use less fuel. Making their outdoor cooking experience a more efficient and cost effective all year round.

We are confident of our products and their sustainability, that we offer a 10 year warranty.

I’ve been using my mila oven for a few months now and can honestly say this is without a shadow of doubt, the best oven i have used. Took me just about an hour to assemble. At last I can now get the temperature bang on for my pizza dough!