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Mila 60 FAQ’s

Are the ovens wood fired only or can you use gas?
Mila Wood Fired Ovens may be used wood only.

What are the ovens made from?
Mila Wood Fired Ovens are made from the finest quality refractory materials able to withstand the highest temperatures. The cooking floor is made from 100% cast refractory concrete. The cooking floor contains a high content of alumina, perfectly smoothed which gives the ovens two very important features; total lack of foreign smells & tastes, perfect cooking of pizzas, baked dishes & an array of different foods.

Will the oven be able to withstand rain, wind, direct sunlight (or the environment)?
Mila Wood Fired Ovens are manufactured from the highest quality materials, built to last for forever, and so long as the oven is installed correctly, Mila Wood Fired Ovens will withstand the elements. With it’s state of the art fibreglass shell this makes it 100% weather and UV resistant.

How long do the ovens last? How much warranty?
Mila Wood Fired Ovens come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years. All refractory parts are covered in this warranty.

Where are your ovens made?
Mila Wood Fired Ovens are made by hand at our manufacturing plant in Leicestershire.

I have seen ovens that are not a dome – do I need a dome shaped oven?
To achieve the best cooking results you do need a dome shaped oven. In a dome shaped oven, the flame rolls around the roof, creating the perfect amount of radiant heat. When other shapes are used, it compromises the cooking process and is not as effective.

Do I need to cure the oven?

Yes, because our ovens are cast with refractory concrete, water is added to the mix to form a dense solid dome. This then needs to be cured over a series of days to draw all moisture from the concrete. This will stop the oven from cracking and will give you a much better performance for your oven. Download instructions for curing your mila oven here 

What can I build my oven on?

A variety of surfaces can be used to build your oven on, natural stone, concrete and also metal are sufficient. We do not recommend building your oven directly onto wood or anything else with a low resistant to heat.


Do you deliver?

Our ovens are delivered kerbside only. It is the customers duty to move it to your desired area.

How heavy is the oven? Will I need assistance when it is delivered?
The weight of the mila 60 pre-built is approx. 186kg. This will need 4-5 people to lift or a special lifting aid. The kit has been designed for each section to be easily lifted by one person.

Assembly & Installation

Is a base required?
Yes, due to the sheer weight of the ovens, the ovens must be supported by a base. Brick bases are most common and stands are also available for all our mila woodfired oven models.

How are the ovens installed? Do you need a professional?
Mila Wood Fired Ovens can easily be installed by a handyperson as full installation instructions are supplied. Depending on the scope of the project a builder/bricklayer may be required.

Our team of professional tradespeople are able to assist with the installation process if required. We also offer a service for one of our team to build it for you.

Can I move my oven once it is built?
Yes, this will just involve disassembling the oven and rebuilding in your new place. You may need to purchase more fire cement etc.

What is the best height for my oven?
The best working height for your oven is 1.2m from the ground to the opening of the oven.

Care & Maintenance

Do the ovens require regular cleaning?
There is very little maintenance involved when cooking with a Mila Wood Fired Oven. Cleaning of ashes is required occasionally. At no time should water be used to clean inside the oven. The fibreglass shell is very low maintenance and can be wiped clean using warm soapy water or even products like window lean.

Do I need to cure the oven?
Yes, all Mila Wood Fired Ovens need curing before use. We recommend you let your oven sit for 5-7 days after you have completed building it. If the oven has a rendered finish, ensure render is completely dry before curing. Over the next 5 days, starting with a low temperature of approx. 100oC and increasing this by 50oC each day up to 500oC, build a fire and sustain it for the day. Try to maintain the temperature as you do not want a high temperature fire straight away, the best way to check the temperature is with a stand alone air or an infrared thermometer. Download instructions for curing your mila oven here

Using the Oven

What type of wood is required?
We recommend using Kiln dried hardwood. Also you can use aromatic wood such as hickory, mesquite or apple wood. It is important not to use treated wood or wood that has a moisture content of more than 20%.

How much wood can I expect to use?
This will of course depend on how long you intend to use the oven. 5-7 pieces of wood should be ample to cook around 50 pizza’s. To be safe, always have plenty of wood on standby.

How long does it take to cook a pizza?
It only takes 60-90 seconds to cook a delicious pizza in a Mila Wood Fired Oven as long as the oven is at the correct temperature.

How does the oven maintain its heat?
A high grade insulation is wrapped around the woodfired oven, assisting with heat retention – the inside of your oven will still be warm the following day.

What other foods can be cooked in a wood fired pizza oven?
It is possible to cook a variety of foods – not just pizza, such as; poultry, bread, vegetables, roasts, stews, desserts.

How long does it take for the oven to reach cooking temperature?
Typically, your Mila Wood Fired Oven will take 30-40 minutes to heat up to cooking temperature.

How can I tell if the oven is hot enough?
The roof of the oven should be ‘white’, all the soot should have burnt away. You can also use a temperature gauge. We recommend using a temperature gauge or digital thermometer.

Can I cook on the oven floor or do I need special trays?
Mila Wood Fired Ovens are perfect for cooking pizza on the oven floor. Of course when cooking a dish that has natural juices (such as a roast) a tray should be used to ensure all those delicious flavours are kept and to avoid a mess!

Is the oven safe to touch when in use?
Mila Wood Fired Ovens are supplied with hi grade ceramic fibre insulation. Providing the oven has been installed correctly, the external shell on a Mila Wood Fired Oven will be safe to touch when the oven is in use.

Do I need to cook with the door off/open?
Depending upon what you are cooking eg. pizza, it is recommended to cook with the door open. If roasting or baking bread it is recommended the door be closed. The fire requires oxygen to continue to burn effectively. The oven has also been designed so the door can be placed behind the flue for more retained heat.

Do I have to use the heat resistant sealant you provide?
The heat resistant sealant is provided as a heat proof seal, for use on various areas of the oven. It’s most important use, is to sit between the flue and fibreglass shell. This is specifically relevant for DIY builds, as if not applied correctly, the flue will touch the shell and can cause cracks.